Workshifting: Working Where You Want and When You Want

workshiftingThe process of workshifting is continually becoming popular. Our way of working is changing as companies and businesses want to maximize their profits and productivity levels but keeping and gaining only the best in the business. When it was all about computers, workshifting was rarely seen as people worked in the office all the time. However, as the focus as move to the cloud, it is becoming an assumption for many.

What is workshifting? What does it mean for workers? Does this mean flexible working, offering benefits for all?

Simply put, this is moving the work to more optimal locations and using the best resources and times for the business. There are more businesses using a Bring Your Own Device (BYO) or consumerization of IT approach, which is helping to drive this system of working. Not sure many businesses really are following suit? According to Citrix’s global survey into workshifting, an astounding 93% of companies want to be able to offer flexible working by the year 2013.

So, why is this so popular? The main benefit is people can work from home or while traveling. They can work when they want, where they want and on a computer that they want to. IT bosses know that this offers many benefits as 71% of organizations in the survey are already operating under these policies. On top of the employee benefiting, the business also benefits in many ways.

Why not have great employees with fewer of the costs?

Lower costs to the business. 68% of business owners stated in the survey that this was the key point in workshifting. The costs of travel, business premises and labor are reduced through the policy.
Gaining and keeping the best. People want flexibility in their life so being able to work from where they want is a major benefit; some even expect this. This helps to lower the cost of recruitment for businesses and makes people want to work for the business instead of the competitors.
Offering jobs to everyone. The ability to offer jobs for people working from home means stay-at-home parents and those with restrictions on movement are able to work. It doesn’t matter where people are, the business will benefit from gaining the best.
Offer better customer service. 51% of the decision makers in the survey indicated that being able to hire people close to their key customers meant that the customer service was excellent.

Offer people everything they want…

Create a balance between life and work. Employees who are happy work better and workshifting makes this a possibility. People like to create a balance between work and life and would rather not be stuck to a nine-to-five grind.
Offer flexibility. Employees have the ability to choose where they want to work and when they want to work. Businesses adapt to their needs and the best times for them, which increases the productivity levels.
Increased productivity personally. Employees become proud of their accomplishments. Increased productivity is a goal that was cited by 64% of the organizations taking the survey.

Workshifting is something that has become practical for all businesses and companies. Internet is available at high speeds, devices are now more portable with smartphones and tablet computers and wireless communication is a thing of today. People can work without being in the office. It creates virtually hosted desktops so people do more even though they have less. As stated above, 91% of businesses plan on using hosted desktops by the year 2013 due to the benefits that many others are seeing.

  • More people want to work while traveling on their device and this is possible
  • There are lower costs for businesses with a centralized model for IT delivery
  • A secure infrastructure to control access and keep data protected
  • Users gain access 24/7, including during an emergency, keeping the business running at all times

Businesses globally are now searching for the best form of workshifting. The basic technology is in place and employees are ready to take full advantage of it. However, since so many are hoping to take advantage of this, they need to start now before the rest of the competition realizes the benefits.

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devRWorkshifting: Working Where You Want and When You Want

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