With GridCSP and Citrix, Who Will Be the Big Winner When GPUs Move to the Cloud?

GPU_Cloud_GridCSPLets take a close look and answer the question:

Who will be the big winner when GPUs move to the cloud?

Currently, a push to use virtual cloud based applications for mobility, security and simplifying software deployment is very successful, especially for basic productivity applications such as word processors and spreadsheets. These applications are well suited for cloud based computing because they generally use minimal local resources, but more graphically intense applications like CAD and photo manipulation programs, on the other hand are resource heavy. These programs, unless run in lower resolution cause undue strain on the server.

 GPU pass-through initially handled the performance problem, but was not always cost-effective.  A better solution is the NVIDIA Grid, which allows GPU sharing between multiple desktops. Citrix, being firmly rooted in the cloud based desktop market, was the first to utilize GPU virtualization, and since version 7.1 of XenDesktop, both pass-through and grid usage are supported.

GridCSP works in close partnership with Citrix hosted apps to provide comprehensive virtualized desktop solutions that are secure and available at any time you choose on any connected device using your preferred web browser. You will continue to benefit not only from standard office applications, but also from the streamlined implementation and increased performance of graphically intensive applications. All of this achieved by using cutting edge, virtualized GPU architecture. Ultimately, you will be the big winner as GPU’s move to the cloud!

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devRWith GridCSP and Citrix, Who Will Be the Big Winner When GPUs Move to the Cloud?