Why Private Cloud Solutions could be the right fit for your business

GridCSP is an industry leader in providing cost-effective, reliable and secure private cloud solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

Why private cloud solutionsWhen GridCSP implements a private hosted cloud solution for your organization it is physically separated from the general cloud, and only your organization is provisioned to access it, and only your organization knows it exists.   The solution belongs uniquely and securely to the organization which it serves.  GridCSP maintains the hardware infrastructure that supports the cloud, but puts you in control of all software, applications, operating system s, data and storage.   The customer, therefore, is in charge of the cloud and the way in which data and applications are kept private and secure.  Private Cloud features such as scalability and dependability are not compromised when private cloud solutions are implemented by GridCSP

GridCSP offers several variations of the virtual private cloud solution to meet a customer’s specific needs:

Managed Hosted Private Cloud – This is a pure virtual private cloud or infrastructure as a service (IAAS) solution.   With this option, GridCSP is responsible for the hardware infrastructure only, and the customer is left with complete control over everything above the hardware layer.

Partially Dedicated ResoucesParts of this solution are left in the public cloud.  The customer can opt to, for example, leave network resources in the public cloud, but keep storage in a private cloud.   Many different configurations are possible to meet our customers’ individual needs.  Which parts of the infrastructure are dedicated, and which can be shared?   It is up to you, the customer.

GridCSP has the expertise required to ensure success in a technology virtualization project.  We are leaders in deploying cloud technology in the small and medium sized business, like yours.

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devRWhy Private Cloud Solutions could be the right fit for your business

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