The GridCSP Advantage

Readymade Solutions that Boost Revenue

Cloud Desktops you controlChannel Partners work with us because we deliver reliable, scalable solutions that are ready to take to market, with a secure infrastructure to support them all. By the time you receive our cloud solutions, all that’s left to do is brand them as you liked and tailor them to meet your clients’ needs.

Why Your Clients Will Love Our Solutions

Access from Anywhere on Any Device
Let your clients be productive inside and outside the office with fast access to their desktops and applications on any device.

Their Cloud, not The Cloud
Unlike other service providers, GridCSP gives your clients their own personal cloud and total control over it.

Sensitive data and intellectual property are securely stored in the GridCSP data center. A lost laptop doesn’t mean lost or compromised data.

Easy Onboarding
Your clients can avoid the heavy burden and capital expense of IT—no upfront costs for expensive hardware.

Streamlined IT Management
Businesses won’t need to spend money managing applications and desktops, and the data the users receive will always be the most up-to-date version.

A Level Playing Field for Small Businesses
GridCSP solutions provide small businesses with the advanced, cloud-based IT infrastructure they need to compete with big business.

Reduced Operating Costs
Businesses pay once monthly for the services they use—never the ones they don’t.

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