White Label Branding builds reputation in the Cloud

The process of rebranding other companies products to resell them builds your company reputation much quicker than you could on your own.

white-label-cloud-GridCSPThe product itself comes from a large provider, but appearance and policy control is in the hands of the distributor.  GridCSP understands the marketing implications of white label branding in the cloud. The large provider benefits from multiple distribution channels and your small business benefits from selling existing products quicker than you could develop them on your own.

The practice of white label branding pre-dates computer technology.  It was prevalent in pre-industrial revolution America, and the practice and process has remained largely unchanged.  Indeed, the term white-label branding comes from supermarket distribution of groceries.  A large canned good provider such as Dole ships a portion of its products with a white label, allowing the supermarket to add its own store branding.  What has changed, thanks to cloud computing, is the speed and efficiency with which white label branding builds a company reputation.

White label branding also applies to cloud computing itself.   A small provider can leverage existing large cloud computing providers existing infrastructure and resell the services.  This establishes the small business as a player in the industry and builds its reputation without the need for initial outlay of infrastructure investment.

GridCSP is an expert where it comes to all aspects of Cloud Computing.   They can help you understand how you can use White Label Branding techniques to build brand reputation in the cloud with minimal initial investment.   This approach enables you to be an XaaS vendor (anything as a service) without having to focus on just one aspect.  This further builds your brand and extends your market reach and allows you to retain and up sell your loyal customer base.

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devRWhite Label Branding builds reputation in the Cloud

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