Virtualization benefits for the end user in the Healthcare Industry

At GridCSP, we know that cloud technologies aid Healthcare organizations, especially where it comes to regulatory compliance.

Virtualization benefits for the Healthcare IndustryWith desktop virtualization , the desktop that is used by each user is hosted in the cloud.  Applications run on the server, access data stored on the server.  The endpoint device is only responsible for user interaction.

Healthcare technology solutions, more than those of other industries, need to keep the needs of the end user in mind.   Doctors are slow to adopt technology usage, because they want their time to be spent delivering high quality healthcare directly to patients.  Further complicating this situation is the need for strict HIPAA compliance including the security of protected healthcare information (PHI) and the reduced IT budgets as hospitals want to invest in medical instruments.

HIPAA compliance – while it seems like a barrier – is actually driving technology adoption.  Paper records are harder to secure, harder to track access to, and harder to preserve than electronic data.  Cloud technologies, such as cloud storage, cloud desktops and cloud-based network infrastructure enable endpoint devices to be completely free of any PHI.  This approach means that the loss or theft of a mobile device or laptop computer does not constitute a PHI breach.

In addition to security, this approach enables users to login from anywhere in the hospital setting and see the same desktop, and access the same applications.  This consistency enables the user to perform exactly the same functions from anywhere.  Mobility is enabled because there are no compatibility issues with any platforms.   The server-side platform is enabled to run the necessary applications.   iOS, Android, Windows and Macintosh endpoint devices can all be enabled to handle the user interaction.

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devRVirtualization benefits for the end user in the Healthcare Industry

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