Virtual Desktop Solutions, the Wave of the Future in 2013 and Beyond

At GridCSP, we are excited about Cloud Desktop solutions.

Virtual Desktop Solutions, the Wave of the FutureFor the Small-to Medium Sized Business (SMB) they provide simplicity, security, mobile productivity and employee engagement.  Low maintenance costs and ease of collaboration are additional benefits of these solutions.

Software as a Service has proven a successful way to deploy, host and deliver application functionality from within the cloud.  Cloud desktop solutions take this one step further, by hosting the users’ entire desktops in the cloud, they offer consistency of access to these applications from any mobile device, laptop or desktop computer.  It is predicted (by Gartner) that as many as 70 million such desktops will be hosted in the cloud by 2015.

Cloud desktop solutions enable simplicity of desktop management, application deployment and maintenance.  They also improve employee productivity.  With cloud desktop solutions, typically applications are hosted and run on a cloud based server.  Servers, network services and storage are all individual components which must be managed in an integrated way by the cloud service provider.

Most productivity software runs in a Microsoft Windows environment.   By running Windows based applications on an application server on the cloud, the operating system of the client becomes less important.   Using Citrix Receiver, for example, enables the Cloud desktop to be seamlessly integrated with iOS, Android, Windows and Macintosh devices and computing platforms.   The application runs, and the client device (or computer) is only responsible for user interaction.   This architecture enables the employee to see the same desktop, and access the same productivity applications and data from anywhere, from any device consistently.  Better still, the employees device is ‘blank.’  All of the applications and data are hosted in the cloud, so if the device is lost or stolen, data breach is not a concern.

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devRVirtual Desktop Solutions, the Wave of the Future in 2013 and Beyond

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