Use your business mobile device to balance your life!

Your business mobile device can be the key to balance your life and work.

With growing concerns for work life balance employees desire to be productive from anywhere. The Cloud Desktop (or virtual desktop) solution from GridCSP, uses Citrix Receiver technology to insure your cloud is available on a any business mobile device anywhere and anytime. This creates several key advantages for your business:

  • Accessibility – Virtual desktops enable use of the same set of applications from anywhere. These applications run on the server, but allow user interaction on any client device.
  • Portability – The Citrix Receiver runs on both iOS and Android devices, enabling the enterprise to deploy a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution. Employees can use any device, whether employee owned or company issued, to access a Cloud Desktop from anywhere.
  • Seamless Integration – With Citrix Receiver, Windows applications appear as apps native to the client device. The running application appears as it would on windows so users don’t require retraining. The touch screen interface eliminates the need for a mouse.
  • A mobile productivity technology leader – Research firm IDC predicts continued rapid adoption of virtual desktop technology, and it identifies Citrix as a technology leader among major players in the segment.
  • Financial Rewards - Virtual desktop solutions, incorporating Citrix Receiver, offer reduced maintenance costs, reduced hardware costs, better security and greater productivity.

GridCSP is committed to helping you and your employees balance your life with the use of business mobile devices!
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devRUse your business mobile device to balance your life!

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