Understanding the Private Cloud

At GridCSP, we aim to help small businesses who use cloud based technology understand the technology and how it benefits them.

Understanding the Private CloudIn this post, we aim to clear up some misconceptions about private clouds.

The private cloud is NOT:

Virtualization – Both server and infrastructure virtualizations, are important technologies for any comprehensive IT infrastructure strategy.  They are also key components of an overall private cloud design.  However, an investment in these technologies alone does not constitute adopting private.  Other components of private cloud computing involve automation and management to enable real time scalability and pooling of resources.   These approaches leverage virtualization, but virtualization isn’t the whole story.

Always cost reduction – Common IT tasks can be replaced with cloud services to reduce labor costs.  Private clouds, however, require initial investment in cloud service technology.   For your business, it is important to determine if the costs of a private cloud itself will outweigh cost reductions in other areas.

Always on Premises – The private cloud is private because it is not shared with other organizations.   Established cloud and data center providers can set up and maintain a private cloud for you, or you can choose to establish one in-house.   Privacy is not related to who owns or maintains the cloud, it is related to the privacy of the resources managed within.

Just Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – Many services can be housed in a private cloud.  Infrastructure as a Service is just one area where a private cloud provides benefit.

Exclusive – The hybrid cloud is the wave of the future.    Integration between hosted data center, public cloud and private cloud solutions will be required as part of a comprehensive IT plan.

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