The Business Case for Employing the Cloud

At GridCSP, our passion is helping the SMB compete by leveraging the cost saving, security and business agility advantages in the cloud.

Business Case for Employing the CloudThese advantages include:

Reduced Labor Costs – By consolidating establishment and maintenance of IT operations for multiple organizations, cloud providers are able to see significant cost reduction, which is passed on to the cloud provider customer base.  Costs associated with in-house data center maintenance are constantly growing.  Cloud access gets such cost back under control.

Energy Consumption – Since 1996, power consumption inside the data center has increased by 800%, and the trend continues upward.  Through advanced virtualization techniques, cloud providers are able to keep energy consumption under control.   Cloud users see reduced carbon footprints and reduced energy costs.

Growing User Demands – Real time access, reliability and scalability are characteristics of the cloud data center.  These advantages lead to increased customer satisfaction and reduced maintenance costs.

Reduction of Chaos and Silo Data Centers – If your in-house hosted data center has evolved over time, often you are left with a hodge-podge of various hardware, software and operating system configurations.   Lack of integration between these disparate systems leaves you with silos.  Cloud migration is the time to create a more planned approach and resolve these issues.

Exponential Data Volume Growth – To keep up with increasing data analytic and business intelligence needs, larger and larger volumes of data are required.   In-house data centers quickly exceed capacity.   Cloud data centers provide the capability to provision required disk space on the fly.

Leverage state of the art analytics and Business Intelligence – Software as a Service (SaaS) providers offer state of the art analytics tools.  These can easily be integrated with cloud-based data centers to enable you to convert data to actionable information

GridCSP is prepared to help you achieve all of these benefits!

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