Take Aways from Amazon Web Services (AWS) First Partner Conference – re:Invent 2 of 2

5. Stop Spending Money on Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting

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AWS points out that the on premise model is very resource intensive. In the cloud AWS takes care of Data Centers, Power, Cooling, Cabling, Networking, Racks, Servers, Storage, Labor. You do not have to buy and install new hardware, setup and configure new software or build a new data center.

Instead of having software engineers focus on infrastructure which hardly differentiates your business. Have them focus on projects that move your mission and drive business forward, which is a huge advantage.

6. Go Global in Minutes

AWS customers like the fact they can provide a global high quality experience from anywhere in the world. With the internet bringing together people from everywhere, even small companies have global end users. Before businesses would store and run their data and applications in one data center or a couple data centers in one geographic location. This made it hard to be close to their global end users. In the cloud you can have your app on any one of the 9 AWS centers around the world giving global availability.

In summary Andy Jassy, SR. VP of AWS, believes that the vast majority of computing is moving to the cloud over the next 10 years, and reiterated that moving to the Cloud can ensure the huge benefits of,

Changing capital expense to variable expense
Paying a lower variable expense then they can do on their own
No longer guess on capacity required
Move quicker which enables more innovation
Scarce resources of software engineers  can be focused on projects that move the business forward
Applications can have a global presence within minutes.

Is your business ready to move the cloud? As a AWS partner GridCSP helps you make sense of the cloud options and what they mean to your business. Contact us today.

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