SMB use Cloud Computing to make their business even better.

As a small business owner, cloud computing benefits are felt far more dramatically than for larger, established companies.

SMB use Cloud Computing to make their business even better.That is why, at GridCSP, our passion is helping small to medium sized businesses reap the reward of cloud computing.

At GridCSP we are excited about these benefits to our small and medium business customers:

Economies of Scale – The more you do of something, the lower the incremental cost.  This is always the competitive challenge of a SMB: competition with large businesses that enjoy economies of scale. Cloud vendors enjoy large scale in terms of IT infrastructure and pass on the savings to SMB.

Enterprise Class Functionality –By utilizing the cloud, SMB have access to maintenance and resources equivalent to much larger organizations.  Cloud vendors handle the consolidation and larger scale.

Infrastructure vs. Applications – A small company often leverages software as a service (SaaS) providers.  This differs from larger companies that often just look for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).   The smaller company doesn’t need its own IT department with the SaaS approach.

Legacy Maintenance – Small businesses enjoy the luxury of not being burdened by legacy applications and toolsets.   This makes it easier to fully embrace the cloud.   A large organization needs to understand how their legacy toolsets will be cloud compatible.  Newer SMB can make decisions with the cloud in mind right from the start.

Security  and Compliance – Small businesses know that keeping their data secure, and compliance with regulatory demands prevent legal headaches and problems with credibility.  Cloud providers have already considered these issues and make it  easier for SMB to achieve high security and compliance.

Reliability –  For a small business to have an IT infrastructure as reliable as a large enterprise, the cloud is the only option.  Large investments in internal infrastructure are not required, and cloud providers contractually commit to reliability.

To reap these rewards, Contact GridCSP to find out how to make your SMB even better by using cloud computing. ‎

devRSMB use Cloud Computing to make their business even better.

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