Ready, Set, Sell

Get faster returns with solutions you can easily take to market.

1Custom Solutions:

Readymade to Boost Your Revenue

Partner with GridCSP to deliver the premium cloud solutions that meet
your clients’ needs—without spending time and money investing in infrastructure. Deploy new users and update all machines simultaneously in seconds.

White Labeling:

Our Solutions are your Solutions

White Label Cloud Solutions and Services let you make our solutions your own. Provision and brand them under you company name and add specifications as you like, without spending time or money to invest in back-end infrastructure.

Cloud Control Portal:

Total Control is at Your Fingertips

Take the guesswork out of growing your services. Create, modify and disable users and services, provision applications and handling the billing of clients, all with the Cloud Control Portal. You can easily scale your business and plan for growth with predictable monthly fees.

Why You’ll Like Being a GridCSP Channel Partner

Citrix Certified and More
We work with leading Technology Enterprises to deliver a wide range of cloud computing and virtualization solutions.

Recurring Revenue
Boost your revenue by offering clients our range of solutions that are easy to take to market.

High Performance
Give your clients solutions they can count on. Our high performance cloud solutions are time-tested and reliable.

Track Your Costs
Plan for growth and scale your business accordingly by paying a predictable monthly fee for GridCSP services.

Scalable Solutions
You can adjust our solutions to meet both your needs and the For-Business1-GridCSPneeds of your clients.

Extend your Reach
Offer you clients more by giving them exactly what they need from our comprehensive list of solutions.

Reduced Time to Market
Skip development. Customize our complete solution to meet your needs or be consistent with your brand. Then go to market.

Citrix Support
We provide Citrix remote assistance.

Find out about how you can increase your revenue by becoming a Channel Partner.