Organizational Control

GridCSP-organizational-controlControl of Your Cloud lets you stay connected to your core business while removing the heavy burden and capital expense of IT. With GridCSP there are no upfront costs for expensive hardware and you are billed monthly on a per use basis. By paying only for what you use you are able to reduce your IT operating costs.

With the GridCSP Cloud Control Portal your organization has the ability to seamlessly scale IT with the growth of your business. The Cloud Control Portal lets you instantly set up, provision and maintain new users and cloud services. This saves on help desk and operational costs while greatly reducing the time it takes to onboard new users and bring services online.

By being a cloud service your business continuity is insured and your information is held safely in the data center. Your data is backed up multiple times a day and you have full access to these backups. This gives you the ability to archive your information to alternate cloud providers ensuring your data is always safe.

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