MSP and Cloud Services

At GridCSP, we understand that small to medium sized managed service providers (MSP) have unique challenges where it comes to viably competing in a very difficult market.

MSP and Cloud ServicesService aggregators or larger MSPs make it possible for your SMB to resell services.   You are able to enter the market with minimal up-front investment, and recurring revenue becomes a reality as your customers continue to use your managed services month after month.

In the 1990s, AT&T sold long distance services to start-ups such as MCI and sprint, who resold them to their customer base.    Today, small to medium managed service providers are able to offer IT as a Service (ITaaS) by leveraging existing services from established, larger MSP.  This is a business arrangement in which you, the SMB MSP obtain smaller customers that may not be on the larger providers’ radar.   The large MSP obtains business it otherwise would not, and you are able to ramp up your new business.  Cloud aggregators such as GridCSP are excited about their ability to help a small MSP achieve better time to market while achieving more growth for their own businesses.   Barriers to entry for a small MSP are also removed.  It doesn’t need to reserve bandwidth and capacity, instead it can scale up in the cloud as it makes sales.   Such cost savings are also achieved in terms of licensing costs.   A new business can find its license costs limited to what it consumes, not what it has on hand.

At GridCSP we can help with every aspect of helping you become a successful MSP with minimal investment and minimal time to market.

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