Microsoft Surface to Rival iPad for BYOD?

At GridCSP, we are excited about the Microsoft Surface and the productivity options it offers employees who need mobility.

GridCSP has the expertise to help you manage Microsoft Surface tablets to make them a secure and productive choice for BYOD. It is a solid option for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Microsoft Surface to Rival iPad for BYOD?Considering the large market share already enjoyed by Apple, Microsoft has its work cut out if it is going to make a splash in the tablet space.  74% of all smart phone and tablet activations are iOS, and a large percentage of Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies (75-95%) are either testing or already using the iPad.   How is Microsoft going to compete in a space where Apple already has so much success?

Windows 8 Metro is a special Windows 8 that runs on the lower end Surface RT, and the Surface pro runs Windows 8.  The Pro also comes preinstalled with Microsoft Office.   With these options and features, Microsoft is targeting the consumer market to make inroads in tablet market share.   The Microsoft touch type, a keyboard that is included with each device, the Surface bridges the gap between tablets and laptop PCs… creating a single device that is the best of both worlds.

The Surface is also compatible with Citrix Receiver, a core technology deployed by GridCSP to enable virtual desktops.  This enables the individual consumer access to his productivity applications and data via the same virtual desktop that is available on company issue devices, desktop and laptop computers.  The Surface becomes the ultimate productivity tool when the employee connects it to his work network. Such productivity apps are often Windows based, which improves the seamless integration from a user perspective.

The biggest challenge for administrators will be in the area of mobile device management and security.  MDM tools are available for iOS and Android devices, but the Surface has much less support to date.

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