Michigan Health Information Exchange (HIE) and Private Clouds

At GridCSP, we understand he unique regulatory environment concerning healthcare data, HIPAA and the cloud.

Michigan Health Information Exchange and Private Clouds Today, electronic health records (EHR) and even Health Information Exchange (HIE) are being embraced to collect, store and share (in a controlled way) private healthcare data.  The state of Michigan is implementing an HIE to enable various providers in the state to share data vital to the continuous care of individual patients. Michigan was eager to embrace 21st century healthcare technology.   Healthcare has lagged behind other industries in embracing digital technology due to concerns around safety and security of very sensitive information.

The Michigan HIE is focused on admissions, transfers, discharges, lab and test results and other encounter-based data.  The goal is for a patient who works with a variety of providers to carry with him a complete picture of his health history, to enable individual providers to make the best possible decisions with respect to his care.

The challenge is the need to balance between protecting individual privacy while still making available the data at the time of care, often times during an emergency.  Privacy requirements are the subject of Federal regulation in HIPAA and HITECH.

Digital resources must be stored and maintained in compliance with these laws, and with respect to the dignity and privacy of the individual patient.

The Michigan private HIE network enables the storage, sharing and communication of private healthcare information (PHI) in a safe, secure, compliant manner while still enabling real-time access when providers need to make care planning decisions and benefit from all of the information at hand to do so.

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