Many Benefits of Virtual Cloud Desktop Solutions

At GridCSP, we are excited about Cloud Desktop solutions.

Many Benefits of Virtual Desktop SolutionsWe want all of our Small-to Medium Sized Business (SMB) customers to know what they have to offer.

Cloud desktop are used by organizations of all size and scope, in both the public and private sector.   They are used throughout the world.  They will provide benefit to your small to medium business as well.

Benefits of virtual cloud desktop solutions include:

Control –  The cloud desktop provider ensures that you have just as many options and choices as a solution you host yourself.

Easy Deployment of New Applications – Instead of having to buy an application, get the license, and configure it to work in your environment, you simply sign up for it with the cloud provider.  It will work ‘right out of the box’ without the need for your IT staff to troubleshoot.

Easy UI –  The virtual or cloud desktop is designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of desktop and laptop computing solutions as well as many different mobile device platforms.

Data Security – The data that is behind your most vital productivity applications is hosted in the cloud.   The experts at the cloud service provider use state of the art technology to keep it safe.  The cloud service provider maintains anti-spam and anti-virus software to be up to date with the latest signatures.

Reliability – The experts at your cloud service provider introduce the latest redundancy and reliability technologies into the infrastructure to ensure that your data and applications are always available.

Business Agility – You are able to share key documents and files from anywhere, making it easy to give a demo or presentation to a customer.   You are also able to spin up new software and additional capacity as needed, very quickly.

Productivity – With mobile device solutions, your employees are able to access vital applications from anywhere at any time.

At GridCSP, we are ready to help your SMB reap these rewards.  To learn more about hosted desktop solutions, please contact GridCSP:

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