IT in Partnership with Consumerism

Employees are leading a revolution in IT, which is at odds with traditional IT management.

IT in Partnership with ConsumerismIT infrastructure that is designed to be standardized, easily managed and cost-effective is now blending with end user devices and applications.

The technology, however, is not the most complicating factor of IT Consumerism, what must be understood are employee behavior patterns.  Employees often use BYOD as mobile productivity tools more intensively than any company sponsored device.  Often times there is a disconnect between the perceptions of employees and the IT administrators who must control how personal technology integrates with the enterprise.   The goal of an employee to “just do his job.” Is often at odds with the IT administrators need to be responsible for security and reliability of all enterprise technology resources.  GridCSP can also help you learn about behavioral trends among technology use, including that of applications, security and devices.  At GridCSP, we understand the use of mobile device management (MDM) technologies to get ahead of the trends, to respect IT security concerns, employee goals, and company productivity goals.  We can help you understand that this employee-led revolution, while it creates challenges for the organization, will also be a strong driver of increased productivity and even cost savings.  GridCSP is very excited to help you make this challenging change of direction a partnership between you and your employees that is in the best interest of both.

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