ISV’s can now deliver applications as SaaS without re-writes or costly infrastructure.

Cloud Computing has proven that it is the future of IT infrastructure.

ISV's can now deliver applications as SaaS without re-writes or costly infrastructure.You can convert or expand your business model to be a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider.  GridCSP has the expertise to help your business make the transition. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) need a way to leverage the cloud as a powerful distribution channel for their existing software solutions without costly rewrites or large infrastructure investments.

Customers enjoy reduced system requirements Server side application hosting allows the provider to take on the burden of heavy system utilization and allow the client computer or device to only handle the display.   As an SaaS provider, your product can be accessed from mobile devices and desktop computers alike.

The challenge is for independent software vendors (ISVs) to play in a space where large competitors seem to dominate the market.   Rewriting an existing product as a web application and investment in infrastructure as required for application hosting are cost prohibitive options for small businesses such as ISVs.

As a small ISV, your primary consideration for any project is time to market.  You need to deliver relevant value to your customer base in the shortest timeframe possible so you can start realizing revenue right away.   Rewriting your software is not an option, nor is a whole new technology infrastructure that needs not only to be purchased but also configured and made secure.  How do you become and SaaS provider in a short time frame?  GridCSP can help you make it happen.  By helping you use a cloud vendor and an application hosting solution, your product can be available on the web in a short order.  At GridCSP we have the expertise and drive to ensure a successful implementation.

Expanding your market reach to customers who only want to pay by usage, as well as those who wish to purchase, implement and host your product themselves is a growth potential not to be ignored.

Contact GridCSP to learn how to repackage existing products, converting them to Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions without costly rewrites or investments in infrastructure. ‎

devRISV’s can now deliver applications as SaaS without re-writes or costly infrastructure.

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