iPad Mini gives your business on the go mobility from anywhere

At GridCSP, we are committed to any mobile productivity device that allows employees to do their jobs from anywhere.

iPad Mini gives your business on the go mobility from anywhere When your employees are on the go, the 7.9” iPad mini gives them a lighter (.68 pounds) , more portable (7.2mm) device to take on the go. Its price tag, starting at $329 also makes it an affordable BYOD and company issued mobility solution.  The iPad mini joins other small form-factor tablets as being option among women.

Organizations will embrace the iPad mini option for those reasons and because it is a full iOS device.  It runs any app compatible with the iPad 2, and it does not create any new management challenges for shops that already support iPhone and iPad devices.

Apple already has sizable market share in the tablet computing market.  Indeed, it is estimated that 90% of cell phone and tablet web browsing occurs on an iOS device.  This domination will fuel adoption of the iPad mini, and secure even more of the market going forward.    The Google Android and the Amazon Kindle will find it difficult to challenge Apple, despite the price premium on the iPad mini.

The iPad mini is also a good companion device for other Apple computing products, as the Apple cloud will allow sharing of data between such computers and the iPad mini.

At GridCSP, we deploy Citrix Receiver as the core of our virtual desktop solutions.   The iPad mini will support Citrix receiver.    Employees will be able to access their windows applications running in the cloud with a tool that offers seamless integration with the iPad mini, completing the mobile productivity solution.  GridCSP will help your organization deploy this technology and help  your employees be productive from anywhere.

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devRiPad Mini gives your business on the go mobility from anywhere

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