How Companies Save Money by Leveraging the Cloud

GridCSP has the expertise required to help small businesses save money by leveraging the cloud.  Several key cost savings are available:

Leveraging the CloudLeveraging the cloud by reducing costs through cloud computing, a business can increase profitability and fuel growth.

Energy Costs –

  • Small businesses can spend as much as $20,000 annually on energy bills.  Studies have shown that eliminating in-house IT operations can reduce this  expense by as much as 28%
  • Among companies where manufacturing is not a component, the majority of energy consumption is attributed to IT activities.
  • A recent survey by CDW Corporation determined that 52% of companies are demanding that their IT departments control these costs.
  • When work applications and data are stored in consolidated data centers, on virtualized platforms, in the cloud, energy costs are reduced significantly and transferred to the cloud provider.
  • Servers are offsite in the control of the cloud provider, so the in-house server room can either be reduced in scope or shutdown entirely, eliminating all costs associated with running and cooling the server in-house.

TelecommutingCloud computing allows the employee to be productive from anywhere.   Businesses save money when they lease less office space and don’t incur heating, cooling and lighting costs.   Other benefits include increased employee morale and higher productivity.

Travel Expenses – Collaboration tools available in the cloud allow secure, virtual meetings to occur without collocating participants.   Significant savings result.

Hardware Maintenance Costs – Physical servers require maintenance, components need to be replaced as they wear out, operating system upgrades and patches are required to keep the servers current and secure.  Responsibility for these costs is assumed by the cloud provider, who is able to reduce costs because the servers are consolidated and centralized.  

To benefit from all of these potential cost savings, it is time to consider cloud computing.  GridCSP is an industry leader in helping small businesses successfully implement cloud computing solutions.

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devRHow Companies Save Money by Leveraging the Cloud

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