HIPPA Healthcare Compliance in the Cloud

Many small and medium business owners want to move applications and data to the cloud.

HIPPA Healthcare Compliance in the CloudHow can you ensure HIPAA compliance when you give up control of your IT infrastructure?  The cost of non-compliance or worse, a data breach would be devastating. There are many well known cost saving and business agility reasons for doing so.   However, when your business deals with healthcare data, sometimes it can feel like too big a risk.

At GridCSP, we know how to ensure HIPAA compliance in the cloud, and can help you achieve the knowledge and understanding to gain the confidence to do so.

In some cases, cloud providers legally are considered business associates under the legislation and must be covered by an associate agreement.  A data conduit is not considered a business associate under HIPAA, but vendors who have access and/or need to routinely access data are.  GridCSP will work with you to ensure an appropriate decision on this issue, and ensure that compliance to such an agreement is strictly maintained.   While some cloud providers are reluctant to sign a HIPAA business associate agreement, depending on extent of cloud usage, such an agreement is the key to ensuring HIPAA compliance in the cloud.  GridCSP understands these complications and will work to make sure that appropriate agreements are in place and enforceable.

Cloud providers, regardless of status, are responsible for HIPPA compliance where it comes to data security.  The HITECH of January 2009 expanded the compliance requirements of HIPAA.   It is difficult for SMB to keep up to date on the changing legal environment.  The establishment and maintenance of compliance policies and procedures for HIPAA security can be a costly and perilous endeavor. GridCSP will ensure not only that such a process is in place, but that it is enforceable and adhered to.

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