Healthcare Industry and the Cloud Desktop

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Healthcare Industry and the Cloud DesktopWe have a good understanding of how cloud technologies aid Healthcare industry, especially where it comes to regulatory compliance.

Healthcare organizations, historically, have been slow to adopt new technologies.  According to a recent Impravata survey, this won’t be the case with cloud desktops.  The healthcare industry is expected to move ahead in this area.

The 2011 survey revealed that 35% were already using cloud desktops, and 43% expected further adoption.  The financial industry was in second place, with 40% of respondents expecting to adopt the technology to a greater degree.

Cloud desktop, for the healthcare industry, stands in sharp contrast to other types of cloud technology adoption.  The healthcare industry has little interest in server virtualization, and other network infrastructure in the cloud.

Driving Healthcare adoption of this technology are government incentives to move to implement Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology.  Remote desktop adoption encourages cross-team collaboration which is a key component of the success of an EHR project.  With server side applications and data processing, PHI data is available to healthcare professionals in a variety of roles throughout the hospital.   Changes to the record are immediately available to anyone who comes in contact with the patient.  This enables continuity of care, as well as better data security as the chart is stored on the server, not as a paper copy that anyone can retrieve.

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