Healthcare Cost Containment in the Cloud

At GridCSP, we have a good understanding of how cloud technologies aid Healthcare organizations, especially where it comes to cost containment.

Healthcare Cost Containment in the CloudCloud computing is making it easier for healthcare research organizations to analyze vast amounts of data in a reasonable timeframe with far less up-front investment.   This phenomenon is driving huge insights in the healthcare industry, enabling the development of new drugs and new industry best practice treatment plans.

One example of such a research project involves craniosynostosis, a disease that causes premature skull fusion in children.  Dr. Cunningham of Seattle Children’s is using big data analysis to determine similarities in patients presenting with this disease.  He is hoping to get root cause insights, which will provide him with better treatment options.   The computing power to analyze data of the size required to find these answers was previously unavailable without cloud based infrastructure.

Such experiments take advantage of the fact that massive amounts of computing power are available in the cloud in a temporary manner.   Researchers are able to scale up quickly, adding as many servers as necessary to complete the project in a timely manner, and then, just as quickly returning them to the cloud, only paying for the usage.

Cloud based technologies also enable collaboration between various researchers who can share cloud-stored data as required.  Such collaboration not only aids in research but also in making rare, accurate diagnoses at the point of care.

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