Future Trends: Mobility and Hybrid Clouds

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Future Trends: Mobility and Hybrid CloudsWe use this expertise to help the SMB, such as yours, reap all of the rewards of cloud-based technology and future mobility. As employees demand better work-life balance while employers demand increased productivity, mobile device management (MDM) is becoming a high priority for IT departments.

This trend effects service providers and other business technology users:

Hybrid CloudTraditional Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) will not suffice in the new world.  They will be replaced by the distributed data centers – hybrid clouds including elements in public clouds, private clouds and in-house hosted data centers

Mobility 66% of all employees use 2 or more mobile devices in their work.  Work-Life balance is a huge concern in an environment where constant productivity is in high demand.  Challenges created for mobile device management are available with cloud-based technologies.   Cloud-based virtual desktops and mobile device managers are vital to the success of mobile device usage for work.

Big Data – Data collection, standardization, quality, aggregations and analytics are required for the future of decision making.   Availability and integration are vital.   Cloud based data centers, and well designed hybrid data centers make such integration possible.

Seamless Network Services – Underlying network technologies will become more and more seamless to the end user, as these are managed in various hybrid and distributed infrastructures.

Security –  Data Security is becoming the largest requirement in the competitive landscape.   Cloud based network and storage security make it possible for all businesses to compete.  X`

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devRFuture Trends: Mobility and Hybrid Clouds

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