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BusinessIs your business finding that your In-house IT infrastructure is unable to keep up with the pace of your business?

Small businesses need to level the playing field with big corporations. Your employees need to be able to go mobile while they’re working. With GridCSP as a trusted partner, your employees and users who have control of how they access their cloud solutions are able to be more efficient and productive. GridCSP gives control to your employees and users so that they can work on any device, anytime, anywhere.

As a small business, moving to the cloud on your own can be time consuming and expensive. We understand business needs, and will help you every step of the way.

With GridCSP cloud solutions, all sensitive information is protected from loss or theft, your data and applications don’t reside on the end user device. Your business will still meet privacy, compliance, and risk management standards, and it ensures business continuity. Your security is important to us.

Control of Your Cloud lets you stay connected to your core business while removing the heavy burden and capital expense of IT. With GridCSP there are no upfront costs for expensive hardware and you are billed monthly on a per use basis. By paying only for what you use you able to reduce your IT operating costs.

GridCSP Cloud Desktops for Business

Our services for business include:

 Cloud Apps
GridCSP cloud apps give you access to any business applications you need anywhere on any device.
• Cloud Desktops
By hosting your desktops in the GridCSP data center, you give your employees the ability increase productivity by working anywhere.
• Cloud Server
A dedicated Cloud Server from GridCSP lets you run your apps, desktops, and data in a managed server environment, without the need for experts to maintain, upgrade, or secure your infrastructure.
• Cloud Control Portal
The GridCSP Cloud Control Portal eliminates and simplifies many routine technical administrative tasks, and is designed to solve any problems or challenges in a cloud-computing environment.
• Cloud Storage
GridCSP Cloud Storage is designed to give organizations the ability to scale their storage needs depending on the amount of data they need to store.
• Cloud Storage Drives
A GridCSP Cloud Storage Drive works like a standard local drive, but provides an extra layer of security and flexibility by providing you secure access to your data from any location.

At GridCSP, we believe in partnering with each and every one of our clients. To learn more about how we can create the right cloud solution just for you, fill out our form for a Free Trial today.

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