Enterprise Cloud Services – how do you make them work for a MSP or ISP?

The advantages of migrating business services to the cloud are well documented, numerous, and clearly aid organizations in competing to expand their market share. The prediction is that at least 60% of enterprises will migrate at least 1/2 of their applications to the cloud by 2018 and forego the traditional on site client-server architecture. (CloudTweaks, Mary Stanhope, July 7, 2015 – http://cloudtweaks.com/2015/07/a-marketplace-of-networks-simplifying-enterprise-cloud-connectivity/)  Everyone wants the promised benefits of lower cost due to economies of scale and pay-per-use models, the agility and flexibility of auto-scaling systems to accommodate changing applications loads, and the quicker innovation and time to market. But, the Enterprise Cloud is only as good as the employee’s ability to connect to it. The application performance and delivery of the service is inextricably linked to the connectivity. Within the complex architecture of networks, data centers, and application and infrastructure providers, it is no easy task to navigate to the 5100+ data centers and carrier hotels where the cloud actually lives.

GridCSP.com is a cloud service provider for MSP’s, ISP’s, Telco’s, and VAR’s. Our Cloud Service Technology enables us to deliver a secure, compliant, portable desktop environment to our clients. Our partnership with Citrix means we provide the industry-leading virtualization technology with the latest technology, most security, and the lowest cost. We are also certified as Microsoft SPLA Partners, which gives us the ability to license and provide the latest Microsoft products for hosted services and applications. You can access your own personal cloud from anywhere with any device and your sensitive data and intellectual property are stored inside our own GridCSP data center – losing a laptop does not mean insecure or lost information! It is easy to onboard with GridCSP, immediately streamlines your IT management and reduces your cost, and gives you the advanced cloud IT infrastructure to compete with larger competitors. Contact us today and start your free trial-we bring the cloud to you!

devREnterprise Cloud Services – how do you make them work for a MSP or ISP?