Cost Savings from the Cloud Improve Business Agility

Cost savings is one benefit of cloud computing.  An overlooked additional benefit is increased business agility.  GridCSP has the expertise to help small and medium businesses maximize this advantage.

Cost Savings in the CloudWhen a business decides it needs to scale, and buys new servers to increase capacity, it is often weeks of lead time before the benefit of that purchase is realized.   Receiving shipment, racking, configuring and installation of applications and operating systems on the servers take precious time.  During that time the business continues experiencing those issues that motivated the server purchase.   Often customer satisfaction is sacrificed, other times time to market is increased.

Enter GridCSP and its cloud expertise.  Business agility is increased when cloud provisioning is employed to add servers quickly, and as needed.  Lead time is reduced.  Carbon foot print is reduced.  Limitless scalability is achieved.  The business realizes immediate cost savings when its own IT department isn’t burdened with the task of server configuration and increased business agility when the increased capacity is immediately available.

When your business chooses the correct cloud vendor, it considers all of these issues, and you leverage those benefits:

  • Reliability through operational excellence and application of industry best practices
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Capacity and Growth
  • Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Security and compliance

All of those benefits, cost savings and limitless scalability, agility and reduced time to market achieved through reduced lead time to provision new servers.  It is time for your small business to work with GridCSP to explore cloud computing so you can start reaping these rewards today.

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devRCost Savings from the Cloud Improve Business Agility

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