GridCSP Cloud Storage

Cloud storage on-demand whenever, wherever.

Cloud StorageBusinesses of all sizes depend on data—from from customer information to analytics. As time passes and companies grow, so does their data.Digital data is increasing at a rapid rate of 80% annually and relying on in-house storage requires doubling the storage capacity after every 18 months.

Scalable GridCSP cloud storage gives your clients the infrastructure they need to meet their data storage needs today, tomorrow and twenty years from now.

What GridCSP Cloud Storage Can Do for Your Clients

Reduce IT Infrastructure and Maintenance Costs
GridCSP cloud storage eliminates the need for an in-house or proprietary offsite storage facility, saving businesses thousands in up-front capital and maintenance costs.

Centralize Data Management
Our Cloud Storage Portal hosting and management all data—from application data to an entire range of servers—from a single web-based portal.

Increase Data Storage On Demand
GridCSP cloud storage is scalable to grow as as businesses do. Ensure that your clients can easily plan ahead without worrying whether their storage facility can keep up with their growing amount of data.

Get Global Access to Data
Your clients can access their data from anywhere, on any device thanks to the power of the cloud. GridCSP Cloud Storage can also be easily integrated within application and services through open source API’s.

Prevent Data Loss
Businesses can significantly reduce their chances of data loss by storing their data in the cloud instead of on a few hard drives. GridCSP Cloud storage is built on top of high-end storage infrastructure that keeps data secure, available and accessible.

Protect Data with Multi-Layered Security
GridCSP cloud storage enforces strict security policies, military grade encryption of in-transit and stationary data and tightly coupled multi-tenant architecture—further secured within a SAS 70 certified data center.

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