Cloud Storage Drive

Replacing local access with anywhere access.

Cloud Storage DriveEnable businesses to access data, documents and files from anywhere. GridCSP Cloud Storage Drive has all the capabilities of local drive, but provides the enhanced security, scalability and flexibility that local drives lack.

Businesses can create, edit and manage their data online and provide secure and authenticated access to applications, services and individuals using GridCSP Storage Drive.

The GridCSP Cloud Storage Drive Delivers:

Automated Backup
All data stored on the Storage Drive is automatically backed up by a series of servers to ensure the integrity and 24/7 availability of data.

Scalable Storage
GridCSP Storage Drive can store 2GB up to several terabytes of data. Businesses can start small, using whatever amount of storage they require, then add more storage as needed.

Hassle-Free Sharing
Several contributors can easily share one Cloud Storage Drive. Businesses can enable different levels of access to their drive and can collaborate with team members online to boost productivity.

Access from Any Device
Unlike a local storage drive, businesses can access their data on the GridCSP Cloud Storage Drive with any device, from laptops to PDAs to tablets.

Improved Data Security
GridCSP Cloud Storage Drive employs military grade encryption algorithms on all data to eliminate the risk of data loss in case of internal or external data breach.

Complete Control
Businesses can manage and assign storage access, increase or decrease their storage quota, set expiry on shared data and more using a single web-based control panel.

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