Cloud for MSPs: Why Global Cloud Adoption Matters

Why Global Cloud Adoption MattersIf you’re a managed services provider providing services in a single geographical location, should you care about what the cloud adoption rate is in China or India? According to a recent article from MSPmentor: yes, you should. Why, though?

Because if you don’t learn about how these countries are leveraging the cloud or not leveraging it, you’re missing out on learning about your own markets and how to properly sell to them, the article stated. You’re able to better understand how some markets tend to hesitate when it comes to using the cloud.

For example, a recent report showed that, of nine countries examined, all but three were applying the cloud toward education, the article stated. What can you glean from that? Well, the rest of the world is not all that different than the United States or Canada in many respects. The educational market, both here and there, represents tremendous potential for cloud-based file sharing. This is just one example of how universal the attitudes towards cloud computing are, though. There are many more. Once you start reading up on cloud adoption in other countries, you find that you learn a lot about your own.

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devRCloud for MSPs: Why Global Cloud Adoption Matters