Cloud Desktops and Data Processing

At GridCSP, we are excited about Cloud Desktop solutions.

Cloud Desktops and Data ProcessingWe want all of our customers to understand the data processing benefits.

With cloud desktops, all data associated with your applications is stored remotely and securely, in the cloud.  Scalability and reliability are guaranteed.  Security is guaranteed.  Even if your device is stolen, your key business data isn’t stored locally so there won’t be a breach.

IT staffing levels are predictable. Despite increased demand, your organization doesn’t require additional staff, as the responsibilities for maintenance are transferred to the cloud service provider.   Desktop sharing, for the purpose of supporting the end user, is built in to the technology.  This enables the support personnel to ‘watch’ the user navigate through the desktop.

Any desktop, laptop or mobile device is able to access the applications from anywhere via a consistent desktop.  Since the remote server is running the application, and your device is only managing the user interaction, there are no compatibility issues.  The user is able to see his applications on iOS, Android, Windows and Macintosh devices alike, with seamless integration into the device’s UI.   This enables productivity from anywhere, from any device, at any time, with a consistent user interface.

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