Cloud Desktop Use Cases

At GridCSP, we are excited about Cloud Desktop solutions.

Cloud Desktop Use CasesWith cloud desktops use cases, all of the application workload is handled server-side.   The users’ computers and mobile devices are only responsible for handling the user interaction.  This enables compatibility across a variety of mobile devices and computing solutions as well as remote access from anywhere. We want all of our customers to understand how they fit into the typical organization.

What are some typical cloud desktop use cases for this technology?  Who, within an organization benefits?

Subcontractors – You can get a subcontractor productive very quickly by configuring a remote desktop based on a standard image.   There is no need to worry about geographic location, compatibility or troubleshooting.  The applications become immediately available.   Additionally, when a subcontractor is no longer required, there is no concern that company assets are stored on the subcontractor’s machines, as the remote desktop assures that files are stored on company controlled cloud servers.

There is no concern about the subcontractor’s hardware being incompatible or lacking capacity in any way, as those requirements are handled on the server.

The approach to quickly onboard a user, have him be productive, and then remove his access works for temporary staff, interns, vendors, vendor support.

Factory Workers – IT kiosks, configured with standard remote desktops can be quickly deployed with less expensive hardware.  These machines can enable workers to access their company resources such as the company intranet without the need for each employee to have a company issued PC.  This also prevents reliability and security concerns within the factory environment as all data is stored on the servers in the cloud, not locally at the factory.

M&A Employees – In today’s world, mergers and acquisitions are a fact of life.   It has always been difficult to integrate such joined companies at the individual employee level.   With cloud desktops, it is now possible to quickly deploy application access to employees at an acquired company without difficulty or delay.  No new installations or deployments have to occur within an existing IT infrastructure.

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