How Cloud Desktop Improves Collaboration within Businesses

GridCSP cloud-collaborationIn the past, business collaboration was only possible when team members were located in the same room. The only real option to communicate from long-distances was calling, which wasn’t a real substitute for in-person meetings. Technology has changed this dynamic over the past few years by allowing businesses to collaborate from remote locations.

With a cloud desktop, employees can work on the same project without hassle. In fact, employees can work on the same word documents or presentations simultaneously without disturbing the flow of work. This feature of cloud desktop allows businesses to work on projects despite long-distances.

recent Tech Target article discusses the benefit of collaboration with cloud desktop. The article does this by describing a scenario in which several remote employees work on the same document stored in the cloud:

“For example, Citrix’s XenDesktop lets an end user sign on to a PC at an office and work on a Microsoft Word document. That same user can then migrate to another office and launch the same session and continue working on the same document. While working remotely on an iPad, the user can connect to a private cloud that lets him resume his session on a Windows 7 virtual desktop.”

The article purposely mentions users accessing the cloud from different devices. This demonstrates both the flexibility and the mobility of cloud desktop. There is no requirement for users to work from a desktop PC or laptop. Employees can access the cloud desktop from a tablet or even their mobile phones.

At GridCSP, we host cloud desktops with Citrix, the exact technology mentioned in the Tech Target article. Citrix technology is secure and loaded with several features. Collaboration comes automatically with the cloud desktop as employees can work on projects from different locations on different devices.

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devRHow Cloud Desktop Improves Collaboration within Businesses