Cloud Control Portal

Control, manage and maintain cloud computing and virtualization solutions. And empower your clients to do the same.

Cloud Control PortalCloudControl Panel is a purpose-built web application that gives users management and control over their cloud computing solutions and resources sourced from GridCSP.

Designed to combat common challenges to a cloud computing environment,

GridCSP Cloud Control Poral eliminates and simplifies most routine technical administrative tasks.The control panel includes everything from the health and performance of the server, peak utilization graphs, usage statistics, and storage consumption to application performance management.

Why Rely on the GridCSP Cloud Control Portal

Centralized Management

Manage and control numerous apps and hosted desktops in a single place. Access the GridCSP Cloud Control Portal from anywhere that has internet.

Rapid Provisioning

Dramatically reduce the time the complex task of server provisioning takes thanks to an easy-to-use user interface. Add cloud servers, cloud desktops and cloud storage in a few clicks.

Performance Optimization

Monitor the activity of all cloud resources in real-time. Optimize system parameters to fine tune performance. Add a suite of different on-demand cloud solutions instantly to balance utilization with performance.

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