Cloud Computing Reduces Energy Consumption and Answers the question; Why go green?

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of an organizational carbon footprint, and want the Earth to be healed in a cost-effective way.It is estimated that 1.5% of world electricity energy consumption is represented by data centers.

Cloud Computing Reduces Energy Consumption GridCSP has the expertise to help small and medium businesses implement cloud based computing, reducing its energy consumption and increasing profitability.
If required capacity is variable, in traditional data center solutions, enough servers are powered to provide capacity equal to peak demand. With cloud based solutions, infrastructure is scaled up during periods of peak demand, and scaled back for times when there is lower demand. This approach avoids having underutilized servers consuming power while providing no value. When infrastructure is shared among multiple organizations, such dynamic provisioning to meet variable demands reduces costs and energy consumption.
Consolidated, virtualized data centers, as managed by cloud providers prevent server sprawl. This consolidation also reduces overall energy consumption.
Pike Research estimates that cloud computing will decrease energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 38% by 2020. It is further estimated that the expenses down by approximately $7 billion, industry wide. A typical small business can see a savings of $20,000 annually.
Eric Woods, a senior analyst at Pike Research describes it like this: “The growth of cloud computing will have a very significant positive effect on data center energy consumption. Few, if any, clean technologies have the capability to reduce energy expenditures and greenhouse gas production with so little business disruption. Software as a service, infrastructure as a service, and platform as a service are all inherently more efficient models than conventional alternatives, and their adoption will be one of the largest contributing factors to the greening of enterprise IT.”
Why go green? Your customers are demanding environmentally friendly solutions. The cost savings to your business is measurable and significant. How? Engage GridCSP, industry experts at implementing cloud based computing solutions for medium and small businesses.
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devRCloud Computing Reduces Energy Consumption and Answers the question; Why go green?

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