Cloud Compliance for Healthcare Organizations

Businesses that rely on individual healthcare data know the importance of keeping that data safe.

Cloud Compliance for Healthcare DataFrom the individual practice to the large healthcare data warehouse organization, the issue is the same. HIPAA compliance is difficult, time consuming and expensive.   Costs associated with lack of compliance are even more damaging if there is a breach concerning private healthcare information (PHI).   An organization’s commitment to its customers’ privacy is compromised.  Reputations are ruined, brands are weakened.   Furthermore, legal complications arise from the lack of compliance that led to the breach.   Paper records are even far easier to compromise.  They can be lost in the mail, stolen from recycling systems, or misplaced by a well-meaning employee.

At GridCSP, we know about data security, and how to make a small to medium sized business such as yours have stronger security than established large enterprise.   Security in the cloud is the key to an affordable, compliant solution.

After data is digitized and stored, it is easier to track and ensure utilization is only used, shared and accessible in a compliant manner.  Data can only be used for certain purposes under the law, and those purposes can only be expanded through specific legally binding agreements.

Cloud based EMR (Electronic Medical Record) systems have built in HIPAA compliant authentication.  These systems include multi-factor authentications – involving 2 or more methods surrounding:

  • Something the user knows (like a user name/password combination)
  • Something the user is (like a biometric solution)
  • Something the user has (like a token or certificate).

Such multi-factor authentication is a HIPAA requirement to provide access to someone who is authorized to view a third party’s PHI.

HIPAA compliance is also more viable in the cloud because IT infrastructures available there already support state of the art encryption, authentication and firewall restrictions to keep data safer than a SMB can afford on its own.

Thanks to the cloud, your SMB startup can comply with HIPAA requirements more completely than even some established firms.

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