Cloud Based EHR the Future of Healthcare

Cloud computing is projected to grow to be a $5.4B market by 2017.

Cloud Based EHR the Future of HealthcareThis growth is driven by regulatory compliance issues, as well as cost savings capabilities.   The benefit to the electronic health record (EHR) is clear:  multiple users with multiple roles can access cloud-based applications, through cloud desktops anywhere in the organization.  All can collaborate and have instant access to key data to make decisions at the point of care.  Non-clinical are also benefiting from cloud technologies.   Patient billing, patient financials, revenue management, claims submissions, business planning and marketing all benefit from cloud based services.

Cloud based EHR processing allows for partner organizations in geographically dispersed facilities to share data securely in a compliant manner.   This data can also be shared with patient billing, for example, to allow clinical codes to be assigned to the account so claims can be produced.

Cloud adoption, on the other hand, can be held back by hospital IT concerns over HIPAA compliance.   If a third party hosts the data, are we really compliant?  At GridCSP we understand this concern and have the expertise to address this concern and assure better compliance through cloud use than an organization can achieve its own.

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devRCloud Based EHR the Future of Healthcare

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