Citrix Virtual Desktop: Productivity, Cost-Savings, and Convenience

GridCSP-VirtualDesktopThere are times when a Citrix virtual desktop is the best choice in terms of productivity, there are times when it’s best in terms of costs, and there are times when it’s best in terms of convenience. The first two reasons typically draw businesses in, while the last one appeals to IT people.

First of all, the convenience that Citrix virtual desktops provide doesn’t just apply to businesses. Any large organization that relies on data can benefit from a virtual desktop.

Let’s take a look at an example for good measure. In a recent Tech Target article, Derek Ottaviano explains why it was best for Eduk Group to choose DaaS:

“Being such a wide organization, it makes a lot of sense to centralize all that infrastructure into a cloud rather than having to manage it across 37 sites. The [DaaS] model allows us to have all our apps and desktops sitting right next to each other in our own private cloud, so if we need to test, deploy or software update, we do it in one central location as opposed to multiple locations.”

In the context of your business, using a virtual desktop means that you don’t have to update each desktop individually. Instead, you just apply the changes to the cloud desktop.

Earlier in this blog, we mentioned the other two benefits of virtual desktops: increased productivity and cost-savings. Both apply to this situation. In addition to the convenience you experience from not having to update each computer, you also save time and money.

At GridCSP, we can help your business employee a Citrix virtual desktop to increase your productivity, reduce your costs, and provide you with convenience. In terms of its overall effect, few solutions impact businesses as much as a virtual desktop does.

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devRCitrix Virtual Desktop: Productivity, Cost-Savings, and Convenience