Citrix Hosting

Deliver your apps with Citrix, on-demand to any user, anywhere.

GridCSP Citrix Hosting enables Small to Medium Businesses to leverage the cloud and run a corporate IT environment. As a subscription service hosted Citrix environments offer a complete on-demand virtual experience anywhere on any device. GridCSP lets you offer your clients a true Enterprise-grade managed hosted desktop experience. Enable clients to seamlessly deliver to users a managed desktop without any of the complexity of doing so themselves. Your clients can consume services on a per use basis with a flat rate per user.

Citrix Hosting with GridCSP enables organizations to improve application management by:

  • Centralize Applications,  Hosted Citrix reduces complexity and lowers the cost of desktop management up to 50%
  • Improve Security with Citrix Hosting by allowing control and encrypting access to data and applications
  • Your applications are delivered instantly to users anywhere on any device
  • Delivering or updating applications is simplified and automated enabling you to focus on your core business.

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Provide users with virtually unlimited computing power—in public, private or hybrid deployments—that can be accessed on-demand and billed by actual usage.




Automate the distribution of compute, network and storage while adhering to de­fined policies on load balancing, data security and compliance.


Simplify and accelerate service delivery by combining self-service provisioning with a catalog of custom-built and pre-defi­ned machine images.




Gain real-time visibility and reporting within your cloud environment to ensure compliance, security and comprehensive customer usage metering.




Take your office wherever you go with Citrix Hosting.

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