Citrix Hosted Apps Offer Robust Mobility Solutions

citrix-hosted-apps-gridcspA recent article from Virtualization Review studied the mobile device management solutions that is available from Citrix hosted apps and found it to be capable of providing data security and application portability. The management solution is based around XenMobile, which is designed for both security and portability via XenApp and XenDesktop.

XenMobile MDM provides device-level security that allows you to set policies that enforce password security on the device’s lock screen, the article stated. You can also set policies regarding who is able to access corporate network resources and can block devices that are running specific applications. XenMobile MDM also gives you the ability to protect data stored on the device, data being transmitted to or from the device, as well as remote lock and selective remote wipe capabilities.

Citrix also offers the XenMobile Enterprise Edition, which features WorxMobile to prevent unauthorized access to enterprise messaging data. The enterprise edition also offers a store packed full of secure apps and application-level security policies that allow different policy sets for different apps to match the sensitivity level of each application.

GridCSP is a proud service provider of Citrix hosted apps, which give you on-demand access to critical business applications anywhere and on any device. In addition to a high level of security, the cloud-based apps are accessible on any type of web brower and enable you to save money on maintaining and managing in-house IT infrastructure.

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devRCitrix Hosted Apps Offer Robust Mobility Solutions