Can Cloud Desktops keep Business Continuity During Hurricane Sandy?

Business ContinuityCloud Desktops ensure business continuity by centralizing your critical systems keeping your business safe during these types of natural disasters.

Recently Hurricane Sandy pulverizing the Atlantic coast of North America, causing power outages that were felt by 8.1 million families and businesses, sustained hurricane force winds of 80 miles per hour and wide spread flooding causing major damages and closures. This can have a huge impact on your business continuity, when business critical systems are interrupted your ability to generate revenue is reduced by 29%. Even when you’re in post-disaster period while data recovery is taking place, company revenue generation is down by an average of 17%.

Will your business be able to cope with another disaster like this?

Moving to the cloud lets you centralize your data and systems insuring they are instantly available anywhere on any device. Enterprise level cloud infrastructures like the one used by Cloud Desktop provider GridCSP, are held in data centers which are located in geographically disaster free region of the country, have redundant power substations and multiple daily encrypted offsite backups. This ensures that in the event of a disaster your business is able to recover faster, be more agile, all while lowering the costs and ensuring your business can stay up and running.

Do not let the next big natural disaster destroy your business.

Contact GridCSP for a FREE Trial of their Cloud Desktop Solution and see for yourself how to maintain your business continuity at all times.

devRCan Cloud Desktops keep Business Continuity During Hurricane Sandy?

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