Building your Hybrid Cloud in 2013

Cloud adoption is now required for any organization that wishes to remain competitive.

Building your Hybrid Cloud in 2013This is especially true of the SMB, which require agility and low cost solutions to be able to exist in the same market as large, well established enterprises.

At GridCSP, we understand which issues matter most to the SMB, and are ready to help you put together a strategy for which components remain in house and which are migrated to the cloud.

Usually in-house private clouds lack the ability to automatically provision new resources on the fly.  This is both due to lack of automation and a lack of resources in the SMB data center just waiting to be provisioned.   If agility, scalability and reliability are important to you and your end user, abandoning such mission critical in-house systems for the external cloud provider may be the next step for your business.

For hybrid cloud systems, a new type of IT management strategy will be necessary.  Design of the infrastructure will need to include an up-front plan for its ongoing maintenance.  Automated virtualization orchestration and management is a key component of any such strategy.  So are capacity planning and tracking.

In 2013, cloud brokerages and integration hubs are expected to experience unprecedented growth.  It will be important to integrate legacy systems hosted in house with new products that exist in the cloud. Additionally, more and more new capabilities will be hosted in the cloud, and such growth will generate the need for cloud service brokers.

Data warehousing is also expected to expand in the cloud.  Even larger amounts of big data will be stored, and analytic tools to generate the business intelligence and analytics required to make use of this data will become intrinsic to the cloud.   How will your business integrate in-house hosted applications with the business intelligence?

Such integration will also require hybrid cloud security strategies.

The time to work with GridCSP, to understand how these issues can be addressed by your SMB.

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devRBuilding your Hybrid Cloud in 2013

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