Building a Relationship of Trust with a Cloud Virtual Desktop Provider

cloud-desktop-trust-GridCSPAccessing a cloud virtual desktop is a new and interesting step for businesses. It’s a sign that they’re embracing new technology and ready to move forward. It’s also a sign that they want to focus more on their business and less on IT. Cloud desktop service providers give businesses peace of mind by allowing them to improve their business without having to worry about technology.

This relationship between cloud service providers and businesses, however, requires a certain level of trust. Businesses should only choose a cloud service provider that they trust and feel comfortable with. Likewise, businesses should be careful not to interfere with the work of their service provider, as it may interrupt normal operations.

recent CIO article features Experton analyst Alex Oppermann, who discusses the relationship between businesses and cloud service providers. Oppermann states that businesses should first be on the lookout for technical problems when migrating to the cloud:

“It is important to define interfaces, and establish a process framework within the organization. Clear rules are required for all aspects, from planning, to roles and responsibilities, to optimization.”

On the other hand, Oppermann states that after the initial review, businesses should rely on their service provider to handle their IT:

“It should not be the customer’s responsibility to check up on every detail of the cloud supply chain. That’s down to the service provider, who has to ensure an end-to-end contractual relationship without risky black holes.”

What’s truly important is to research a cloud service provider before signing a contract. If a business understands the company, their processes, and their equipment, then they should have no reason to worry about the maintenance of their cloud desktop.

At GridCSP, we offer reliable cloud technology from Citrix to host your cloud desktop. A hosted Citrix environment provides each user with a Windows cloud desktop, allowing them to work from the office, their home, or even from their mobile device.

Citrix hosting reducing complexity and the cost of desktop management up to 50%. In addition, it provides top security by encrypting businesses’ data. It’s an end-to-end solution, so businesses won’t have to worry about the reliability of their cloud desktop.

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