Allow Company Employees to be More Mobile with Cloud-Hosted Desktops

GridCSP-cloud hosted desktopscloud-hosted desktop is one of the greatest technological evolutions that came at the right time when companies turned more mobile. Perhaps the clients you work with have are striving to go more mobile in the last couple of years. But it’s possible they’ve found some challenges with that without having better technology connecting in real-time when they needed to.

It’s true that just because they have mobile devices and a BYOD policy, there isn’t assurance they’ll reach everyone immediately. When the company is working on a competitive project, it’s pointless to have everyone on mobile devices if they can’t reach the CEO or others to confer immediately about ideas.

The cloud revolutionized this possibility, and especially the ability to place the entire contents of a desktop there for access anywhere in the world. It’s this type of connectivity that now lets companies be more mobile, stay in touch in real-time, plus have access to tools they use on their desktops in any location where they have an Internet connection.

With your client plans for wanting to make their employees more mobile, how would a cloud-hosted desktop enable them time away from the office more often?

Giving Employees More Opportunity to Work From Home

The concept of working from home has been around a while, though some companies are still reluctant without having the right technology. Fortunately, the technology is now here to make those employees feel like they’re in the office without physically being there. By having hosted desktop, they’ll have access to all the same files their manager has back in the office.

For a competitive project, they’ll have immediate access to the same files and have conferences about it in real-time through a multitude of messaging possibilities.

Allowing More Travel Time

As a company grows, travel is more than a possibility for business deals. The CEO of the company may have to travel, or with various employees. In some cases, a quarter or more of the company staff might have to travel for various business events, leaving them away from their office computers for weeks.

Even if they all travel separately, a cloud-hosted desktop provides office connectivity on a new level. They’ll be on the same page together without having to hang out physically or wait to meet back at company headquarters.

Getting Employees Outdoors for Better Health

Merely getting employees into the outdoors, whether it’s just on the company grounds, is overall better than being stuck in an office cubicle every day for hours. Through hosted desktop, they can virtually work outdoors all day if they so choose. We’re living in an age where mobility freedom has changed the efficiency of offices and allows employees more freedom without sacrificing work time.

As a cloud provider here at GridCSP, we want you to provide your clients the best possible solutions so they have the same freedoms described above. In a competitive business world, they’ll only seek out the most reliable solutions, and you can count on our services being the best in the industry thanks to our partnership with Citrix.

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devRAllow Company Employees to be More Mobile with Cloud-Hosted Desktops