The Advantages of Desktop Hosting: Easy, Secure Access for Everyone

GridCP-desktop-hostingIf you are considering a desktop hosting solution, there are a number of advantages to this system. For resellers of these solutions, this means increased revenue through getting these advantages across to your potential customers. Through a careful analysis of each of these important qualities, you can increase your client base and deliver a cost-efficient cloud based solution for them which they will love.

  1. Desktop hosting allows easy access to everyone. This is one of the biggest selling points for a desktop hosting solution. Point out to potential clients that this system will allow all of their employees to access the system from anywhere, making it both accessible and mobile to anyone anytime, provided they have the login information.
  2. Increased security. Despite what many of your potential clients may believe, desktop and cloud solutions actually have more security than typical hard drive or real world storage solutions, due to the extra security placed on sky drives. Much of the impetus which has spurred this is the fact that many systems in the past have been compromised. But the result has been that the desktop solutions offered today have much higher standards on security than they previously did, and you will benefit from this.
  3. Increased Control of your data. By turning your files and important data over to a desktop hosting solution, you will actually have increased control over the contents, due to the fact that you will be able to access it at any time, rather than just at the office, share and collaborate with others you are working with, and benefit from the other attributes of the desktop server you entrust your files to.

Understand that all of these things are contingent upon finding a hosting solution which focuses on these important attributes. So the most important thing you need to do is to find a desktop hosting solution which includes all of these as a priority.

You will also want to find a solution which is Microsoft Certified and has experience working with such systems as Citrix and other well-known platforms to deliver the most compatible, efficient system possible to your clients. This will ensure that their hosting solution is compatible with their current storage system and delivers what they expect it to all of the time.

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devRThe Advantages of Desktop Hosting: Easy, Secure Access for Everyone