A Citrix enabled Windows Surface takes your business to the Cloud and Beyond

At GridSCP we are excited about the Citrix enabled Windows Surface.

Surface Tablet - Windows 8 - CitrixA version of the Citrix Receiver, GridSCP’s core technology for cloud desktop support, is available from the Windows 8 store: here.  Citrix Receiver is compatible with both the Intel-based Windows 8 pro Surface and the ARM-Based Windows RT Surface.

Windows Surface, when Citrix enabled offers seamless integrationbetween the Windows 8 user interface and the virtual desktop.   Cloud-based applications will be selectable via the touch screen, searchable via charms.  Pin to start, metro gestures and printing functionality is also available.

Citrix Receiver works for organizations who have the following configuration:

  • CloudGateway Express with Store Front  for desktop and applications access version (1.0-1.2 update 1)
  • XenApp 6.5 for Windows Server 2008 R2
  • XenDesktop 5.6 Feature Pack 1
  • Access Gateway Enterprise Edition

Additional configurations will be supported in the near future.

All Windows Surface devices meet the following hardware requirements:

  • 2GB of RAM for 64-bit devices, and 1GB of RAM for 32 bit devices
  • 16-20GB of storage

The Windows Surface is receiving rave reviews from organizations like PC Mag as a productivity and entertainment device.  Adoption is expected to be high.   With Citrix Receiver, employees will be offered secure access to their desktops and business applications.

GridSCP has all the expertise required to successfully leverage the cloud.  Citrix Receiver, a core technology used at GridSCP provides portability, accessibility and financial rewards.  Partnering with GridSCP gives you the opportunity to work with an industry leader.  At GridCSP we are experts in helping small to medium businesses deploy this technology!

Contact GridCSP to find out more about Cloud Desktop Solutions employing Citrix Receiver, including on the Citrix-enabled Windows Surface.
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devRA Citrix enabled Windows Surface takes your business to the Cloud and Beyond

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