5 ways Cloud Computing can help your Small Business

There are many benefits of cloud computing.

At GridCSP, we want to be sure that, as a small business to medium sized business (SMB) owner, you are aware of these specific facts.

You may already be Using Cloud Services

5 ways Cloud Computing can help your Small Business

There are several types of cloud services that you may participate in, while running your small business, without realizing that you are accessing the cloud. Social NetworkingYou may be using sites like Facebook and Twitter to market you business and/or recruit new talent.   These sites can be viewed as Marketing as a Service. (MaaS) Email As a Service – Even free sites like Gmail and Windows Live are email as a service.   They not only provide the service itself, but off-site storage of email. Dropbox Drop box allows you to collect photos, videos, documents from various submission sources, bring them together and share them as a unit. Software as a ServiceServices such as Office 365 and Google Apps allow you to access and run applications from anywhere.  These qualify as Software as a Service (SaaS). Other Online Services – If you use online banking/bill pay, or E-Commerce sites such as OfficeDepot.com you are in the cloud

Cloud Services are Inexpensive

At GridCSP, we understand that cost-containment is vital for the success of your small to medium sized business (SMB).  That is why we want you to know that cloud based services typically cost 20% less than comparable conventional technology. That is because the cloud providers take on the implementation costs, hassle and maintenance that the small business owner usually incurs.  The SMB is enabled to focus on its core competency: the value it is trying to add, while leaving the IT to IT experts who consolidate costs across multiple organizations.

Cloud Computing Increases Productivity

Enterprise grade technology is available to the small and medium sized business without the prohibitive up-front investment.       The technology is typically more reliable than comparable technology managed by the SMB, because the cloud service provider has the focus and expertise to keep key resources available 24/7.  Data Security is typically stronger.   Mobile computing is typically readily available, allowing employees to work from anywhere.  These factors make cloud computing a productivity solution for SMB.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is simple in the Cloud

BYOD solutions are easier to manage to in the cloud, but it is important to realize that BYOD solutions are responsible for security breaches, and that employees are notoriously bad about maintaining virus scanners and other security features.  At GridCSP, we have the expertise to help you with mobile device management (MDM) to avoid these pitfalls for both company issued and BYOD devices. At GridCSP, we are committed to helping the SMB leverage the cloud safely, and to maximizing its benefit.  To learn more about cloud based services, please contact GridCSP: http://www.gridcsp.com/contact-us/ ‎

devR5 ways Cloud Computing can help your Small Business

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