5 reasons why Cloud Security should be your #1 priority

At GridCSP, cloud security is our passion.  There are 5 reasons why it needs to be your passion too.

Cloud Security your #1 priorityCloud is safer – Enterprise class data centers which support cloud based solutions are built on state of the art network backbones in which security is the core of the technology architecture

Cloud security is smarter – State of the art encryption and firewall technology make cloud based networks safer than anything a small to medium business could implement on its own

Compliance – Many industries, such as healthcare, banking, and energy have strong regulations concerning the security of data.  Lack of compliance not only results in legal complications, but it also undermines confidence with the customer.   As important as it is, full compliance can be cost prohibitive to the small or medium business.  Large software as a service (SaaS) providers handle the compliance requirements.   Paypal, which handles all complicated PCI compliance requirements for credit card processing is an example of a consolidated provider that services these needs on behalf of many businesses.   Legal risks and work associated with compliance are offloaded to the service provider.

Cost Effectiveness – A small business implementing its own security needs to purchase state of the art equipment, configure it and maintain it.  The start-up costs can be eclipsed by the costs of ongoing maintenance.   Cloud providers consolidate the costs of these functions and provide them to many organizations.

Core Competencies –   Small and medium sized businesses need to focus their time on what they do best, providing value to their customers in their own areas of expertise.   These businesses who spend time and resources on implementing IT practices and security lose focus on these vital aspects of their business.   This decision leads to loss of the other benefits described here.

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devR5 reasons why Cloud Security should be your #1 priority

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